International Geographical Union (IGU) Thematic Conference - “Geographies for peace”/”Geografías para la Paz” - La Paz April 23rd-25th.

On April 23rd- 25th, 2017 in the Bolivian capital  La Paz (which mean “peace”) International Geographical Union (IGU) Thematic Conference took place entitled Geographies for peace/Geografías para la Paz. Among participants was professor Roman Szul who presented a paper “Geopolitical, Mental and Institutional Factors Contributing to Peace in Central-Eastern Europe (after the Second World War and after the end of the Cold War)”.
One of inspirations of organizing such a conference in a Latin American country was the end of the long-lasting civil war in Colombia (peace agreement between the government and FARC guerilla). An intention of the conference was to contribute by geography to strengthening of peace in the world. Conference was organized by six IGU commissions. The most active, if measured by the number of papers, was Commission of Political Geography.