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Prof. Anna Kniazevych

Areas of Expertise: innovative development, formation and functioning of innovative infrastructure, management of creativity, spatial aspects of enterprise relocation
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Anna Kniazevych, Professor, DSc in Economics, majoring in management. A graduate of the Department of Management of Foreign Economic Activities of the European University (Rivne, Ukraine), a graduate of the Lane Kirkland Program of the Polish-American Foundation “Freedom and Democracy” (Lublin, Poland). She received a DSc at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” (Varna, Bulgaria), the topic of the thesis “Management of the formation and functioning of the innovative infrastructure of Ukraine”.

More than 15 years of scientific and pedagogical experience.

Positions in the past: Professor at the Department of Management of Rivne State Humanitarian University, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at International University of Economics and Humanities (Rivne, Ukraine). Supervisor of the scientific topic “Management of the development of national innovative systems” at Rivne State Humanitarian University.

Member of the editorial board of the Ukrainian scientific journals “Review of Transport Economics and Management” (Dnipro) and “Economy and State” (Kyiv).

Present position: Visiting Professor at the EUROREG Centre for European Regional and Local Studies of the University of Warsaw, the executor of the project “Spatial aspects of the strategy of relocation of high-tech enterprises in the conditions of war. Ukrainian-Polish perspective” under the IDUB-UKRAINA program in a team with Prof. Agnieszka Olechnicka

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5394-5599

Prezentujemy wybrany dorobek naukowy naszych pracowników, który powstał w ramach i w trakcie współpracy z wydziałem Euroreg.
Involvement in EUROREG's research projects