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“I would like to bow down low to the Ukrainian people, the ones who have been brutally attacked by the Moscow regime. Truly, having no words to utter but ‘barbarism’, I wish to express my – our – solidarity, support and sympathy.

For me, the attack on Ukraine, a free and sovereign country, is the attack on Europe. Martial law has no boundaries. Once started, the war will be waged in our minds until we do everything to bring it to an end,” said Olga Tokarczuk, doctor honoris causa of the University of Warsaw. As the EUROREG team we fully endorse her expression of solidarity with the Ukrainian women and men.

The Senate of the University of Warsaw expresses its solidarity with Ukraine, struggling against authoritarian aggression. There has been an escalation of the conflict - the Russian Federation has violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine. At this difficult time, the Senate of the University of Warsaw expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and in particular with the people from Ukraine who belong to the community of our University. The history of Poland teaches us to what extend imperialism poses a threat to peace. The Senate of the University of Warsaw expresses the hope that the future will bring peace to Ukraine and to the world.

Resolution No. 121 of the Senate of the University Of Warsaw dated 23 February 2022 on expressing solidarity with Ukraine and its people

Information on institutional support to Ukrainian researchers: here.