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The Equity of the Higher Education System: Case-Study Poland

Publication type: report, evaluation or working paper
Full citation: Herbst Mikołaj, Rok Jakub (2010) The Equity of the Higher Education System: Case-Study Poland, Ekspertyza dla Banku Światowego w ramach międzynarodowego badania “Equity of access and success in tertiary education”.

There is no doubt that the development of the higher education sector substantially improved the accessibility of higher education for Poland’s entire social strata. Still, the equity of the system is frequently questioned in the public debate, as the different forms of tertiary education are subject to differing regulations; they vary with respect to the financial burden imposed directly on students and also, presumably, with the quality of the programs. The goal of this research is to assess, taking into consideration all these effects, how the transformation influenced the equity of the higher education system.