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Between October 22 and December 22, 2020, EUROREG is going to Rome for a photography exhibition "Brussels - Contrast and Harmony in a Changing Town", which is dedicated to the transformation of the European quarter in the Belgian capital. [more]
EUROREG welcomes a new fellow associate - Dr Grzegorz Masik, a visiting scholar who researches widely understood resilience of socio-economic systems. [more]
A new article "Location patterns of advanced producer service firms in Warsaw: A tale of agglomeration in the era of creativity" by Dr Dorota Celińska-Janowicz, Prof. Maciej Smętkowski and Dr Katarzyna Wojnar is now available. [more]
Due to the epidemiological threat and related efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, EUROREG UW has introduced on-call duty hours for the administrative staff. [more]
The Election Committee at the Institute of the Americas and Europe has chosen Dr. hab. Agnieszka Olechnicka as the Director of EUROREG. [more]
Congratulations to Aleksandra Ćwik from the EUROREG team, who made it to the Doctoral School of Social Sciences in the field of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management ranked first among the accepted students! [more]
New issue of „Studia Regionalne i Lokalne” has been published. Inside about, among others, rural gentrification and public transport network in Bieszczady. [more]