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Mgr András Vigvári

Areas of Expertise: spatial mobility, rural-urban relations and spatial marginalization
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Academic Profile 

András Vigvári is sociologist and ethnographer, PhD candidate at Eötvös Loránd University and works as a junior research fellow at the Centre for Social Sciences of Hungarian Academy of Science. He has currently a visiting scholarship “Visegrad” at the Centre for European Regional and Local Studies EUROREG, University of Warsaw.

His main research area is the study of spatial mobility, rural-urban relations and spatial marginalization. His research interest includes ethnicity, the social history of rural societies, economic anthropology, the study of policy impact on disadvantaged areas and spatial inequality and development of the Central Eastern European region as well. He has conducted field work in urban and rural segregated area in Hungary; currently he is doing his field work in the suburban belt of Budapest studying the transformation of allotment gardens. In his PhD he studies how allotment gardens have recently become a residential space due to the housing financialization in Hungary.