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EUROREG in cooperation with the University of Mannheim, Germany, is looking for a student assistant.

The job is a part of the Horizon 2020 project "The impact of EU Cohesion Policy on European Identification (COHESIFY)": http://www.cohesify.eu/

The main task is coding party and election manifestos in Poland for 2007, 2011 and 2015. Against this background, the applicant should be prepared to handle with text processing software (coders should copy & paste EU-related paragraphs from PDFs to Word documents and then convert this file to a .txt-file / Excel sheet).

>>> Working knowledge of English (read the codebook and to fill out the Excel sheet)
>>> Working knowledge of Polish (read party and election manifestos)
>>> Knowledge and interest in politics, public polices, and the European Union
>>> Ability to begin the work immediately and commit to circa 80 working hours within the next two weeks (preferable deadline for the task: 24th January 2017)
>>> The candidate should have current student status at the Centre for European Regional and Local Studies (EUROREG), University of Warsaw (Gospodarka Przestrzenna): http://www.euroreg.uw.edu.pl/pl/

>>> Experience in Qualitative Data Analysis will be an advantage but is not a requirement
>>> Experience in analysis of party politics will be an advantage but is not a requirement

We offer:
>>> Possibility to gain experience in international research project
>>> Flexible timing (the task can be performed anywhere and anytime at your convenience)
>>> Reasonable remuneration (10 euro per hour)

To apply please submit:
>>> CV in English (maximum of 3 pages)
>>> Cover letter (maximum one page) – please explain why you are suitable person to complete the task, and how the experience is in line with you future plans
>>> CV and cover letter should be sent to euroreg@uw.edu.pl not later than 9:00 (am), 11th January 2017 (Wednesday)