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Poland’s regional policy and disparities in the Polish Space

Publication type: journal articles
Full citation: Gorzelak Grzegorz (2006) Poland’s regional policy and disparities in the Polish Space. Studia Regionalne i Lokalne, Special Issue 2006, pp. 39 - 74.
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The paper discusses regional disparities in Poland in their many dimensions and aspects economic, social and political. Individual phenomena basically have a similar spatial representation, which can be seen as a corroboration of the well-known thesis on the existence of a strong interdependency of many phenomena in the development process. The historical underpinnings of these disparities prove once again that they are the products of "€long duration´ processes. Both characteristics of these differences, showing their complexity and historical factors suggest caution as to what can realistically be expected of regional policy because it can change the objective reality only gradually and only to a limited extent. The paper ends with some recommendations for regional policy.