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Analysis of areas threatened by permanent marginalization

Time period: 2018
Financing: Ministry of Investments and Development

The study is carried out as part of the "In-depth analysis of areas threatened by permanent marginalization with advisory and consultancy services in the field of remedial actions to overcome development barriers in these areas". Areas threatened by permanent marginalization, according to the delimitation proposed in the Strategy for Responsible Development (SRD), include 728 municipalities with an area of 104.8 thousand km2 and population of 6.1 million. The strategic project of SRD "Package for areas endangered by permanent marginalization" is the answer to their specific needs.

The aim of the study is to update the delimitation of areas at risk of permanent marginalization and to adjust the anticipated intervention to the specificity of individual areas. This is due to the heterogeneity of problem areas, characterized by differences in terms of type and intensity of problems as well as development potentials. The project is based on a place-based approach and a model of dialogue and cooperation using participative methods.