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Current Demographical Issues in the Eastern Poland Macroregion

Time period: 2010
Financing: Ministry of Regional Development
EUROREG research team: Maciej Smętkowski (project manager), Dorota Celińska-Janowicz, Andrzej Miszczuk, Adam Płoszaj

The purpose of the study was (1) to assess current problems and demographical trends of Eastern Poland macroregion, (2) to analyze the consequences of the demographical situation for the social and economic system and development perspectives for the macroregion and (3) to develop recommendations for the regional policy for 2014-2020. The study covered the period 2002-2009 and the territory of Eastern Poland, understood as five voivodships: Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie, and Warmińsko-Mazurskie. In this macroregion various spatial units were analysed: voivodships (NUTS2), poviats (NUTS4), and in selected cases communes (NUTS5). The study examined selected demographical phenomena, such as: change in population size, structure by age and sex, permanent migrations, and migrations caused by commuting – which have been presented in a wider social and economic context. Apart from empirical analyses, based mostly on statistical data from the Central Statistical Office, the study included also a review of selected policies and good practices which have been implemented in other countries regarding the analysed issues. On this basis conclusions and recommendations for the regional policy are presented in the last part.