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Mega-events influence on regional and local development: mechanism and its factors

Time period: 2014-2017
Financing: National Science Centre
EUROREG research team: Marek Kozak, Adam Płoszaj

Main objectives  of the project are twofold: a/ exploration of main factors and analysis of mechanism of preparation and execution of mega-events and b/ analysis of the impact of sport mega-events (as an example of mega-events) on various aspects  (social, economic, promotional and urban renewal) of development of region (locality), where the event took place.

This main objective is achieved by the following objectives.
1. Identification of factors influencing decisions on applying for the event organization and its further implementation, based on international experience
2. Characteristic of a model of mega-event as a multifaceted phenomenon.
3. Identification of the costs/benefits balance of results assumed (planned) and achieved in reality (case of sport-mega-event in Poland)
4. Development and description of the logical model of a mechanism of mega-event (and its results) based on international literature review and empirical research in Poland,  with particular attention paid to sport mega-events and  results of the three case studies in Europe.
5. Formulation of recommendations relating to potential decisions on applying for and preparation for the (sport) mega-events (recommendations will be formulated on local, national and European levels).