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GRINCOH Final Conferrence

On 26-27th February EUROREG, as a co-ordinator will host an international conference of a three-year long research project "Growth - Innovation - Competitiveness: Fostering Cohesion in Central and Eastern Europe" (GRINCOH), implemented under the 7th Framework Programme (www.grincoh.eu).

It was the first  collaborative project in the social sciences, which was coordinated by Polish research institution. The research has been carried out by 12 partners from 8 EU countries and co-workers from all the new member states. The GRINCOH project focused on two major challenges facing the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs):

  • disjuncture between fast productivity growth and a rather poor performance to develop innovative capacities to support longer-term sustainable growth and assure their competitive positions;
  • economic, social and environmental territorial disparities are among the more pronounced outcomes of the CEECs accelerated growth.

During the two-day-long conference held in English, the most important results of the project will be presented and discussed in six thematic panels. Prominent researchers and practitioners have confirmed their participation in this event. Participation is free of charge.

REGISTRATION: Please send your application by 13th February to edyta@adm.uw.edu.pl.
Due to the limited number of seats the organiser shall confirm your registration by 17th February.



Thursday, 26th February (Senate Room, the Kazimierzowski Palace)

  9.30-10.00: Welcome: Representative ofUniversity authorities, G.Gorzelak, Z.Krasznai (DG Research)

10.00-10.30: Introductory speech:  Minister for Infrastructure and Development (tbc),

10.30-11.30: GRINCOH Final Report

G.Gorzelak: presentation of report’s main theses

R.Capello: Scenarios for Europe


12.00-13.30: Global competitiveness through low cost or innovations? How get out of a middle- level income trap?

P.Havlik: Economic performance of the CEECs and outlook for the future

A.Soos: External trade and FDI: lessons for policies

W.Orłowski: Competitiveness of Central and Eastern European countries in the global economy: chances and challenges


14.00-16.30: How to grow based on R&D and innovation? For effective science and innovation policies

S.Radosevic: RD and technology upgrading in the CEEC: issues and policy implications 

A.Varga: Economic impact assessment of EU regional innovation policies

A.Olechnicka: Science in the CEEC  in an European context


16.30-18.00: Labour, education and social policies - a cost or an investment?

M.Okólski: Demography: a chance or a threat for the CEEC?

M.Landesmann: Labour market  policies for growth

A.Simonyi: Social policies for growth

J.Varga: Educational policies for growth




Friday, 27th February (Brudzinski’s room, the Kazimierzowski Palace)

9.30-11.00: Regional convergence and  metropolisation processes

A. Rodriguez-Pose: New  challenges for regional development and regional policies

G.Petrakos: Regional development and overcoming the crisis

M.Smętkowski: Metropolisation, peripheralisation and regional development

P.Mehlbye:  Territorial Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe


11.30-13.00: What future for regional policies in Central and Eastern Europe? Added value of reformed Cohesion Policy

J.Bachtler: Rethinking the future of Cohesion policy: performance and added value

P.Żuber/P.Wostner: For better use of  Cohesion policies in CEE countries

J.Olbrycht: Urban dimensions of regional policies

Kai Stryczynski: Results orientation: bureaucratic straightjacket or learning opportunity?


14.00-15.30: Institutional convergence and political stability

M.Grusevaja: Dynamics of institutional convergence

R.Markowski: Political (in)stability and development

F.Barca: What should governments do for development? Alternative models.


16.00-17.30: Conclusions and future research

Peter Berkowitz: The changing position of the "New Member States" in the EU policy process

                          Open discussion


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