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Towards sustainable development of Polish cities

Publication type: report, evaluation or working paper
Full citation: Gorzelak Grzegorz, Rok Jakub, Wojnar Katarzyna (2018), Towards sustainable development of Polish cities, Polish National Commission for Unesco Review, Bulletin 2017/2018, Warsaw, pp. 69-81.
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Poland is not yet among the most advanced countries in the practical implementation of the principles of sustainable development. However, it is necessary to emphasize the growing social awareness of the need to address, on the one hand, the principles and challenges of sustainable development and, on the other hand, the pressure of the European Union to implement its mechanisms. These two pressures: the grassroots one that is social, and the top-down one exerted by the EU, together with the examples of policies promoted by international agencies, such as UNESCO, are the most important factors forcing public authorities on all levels to implement these principles and to comply with them consistently. The progress in this area is fast and immutable.