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Air pollution and wellbeing: socio-environmental cost of urban development

Time period: 2016-2019
Financing: National Science Centre
EUROREG research team: Mikołaj Herbst (scientific advisor), Jakub Rok (project leader)

The role of natural environment in socio-economic development is a research topic that has gained a particular prominence over the last decades. Inability to fully account for the growing complexity of human-environment relations has led to broadening of the conceptual framework of development. However, exploring the relationship between the long-neglected environmental sphere and both traditional and new concepts of well-being remains a significant challenge

The main research objective is thus to assess the relationship between spatially-explicit, environmental externalities and human well-being, using a case of urban air pollution. Focus of the analysis is on cities, i.e. places where environmental impacts are most pronounced, but at the same time, which are conceived to play a key role in fostering sustainable development.