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ESPON SUPER: Sustainable Urbanization & land-use Practices in European Regions

Time period: 2019-2020

The aim of the project is to provide evidence, recommendations, and measures on how sustainable land use can be promoted and how land-take [i.e. conversion of rural to urban land use or urbanization] and urban sprawl [i.e. unsustainable urbanization] can be avoided, reduced and compensated in Europe, its cities and regions.

The project's acronym - SUPER - stands for the characteristics of the research approach:

  • Sustainable (temporal balance vs thematic balance);
  • Urbanization and land use (understanding drivers of change);
  • Practices (land-use decision-making, effectiveness of planning);
  • in European Regions (territory matters, regional approach).

The main project's tasks are:

  • Evidence and maps of land-use dynamics, specifically urbanization patterns;
  • Evidence on the impacts of different kinds of urbanization;
  • Evidence on the impacts of interventions to influence urbanization;
  • Case studies on intervention practices in urbanization hotspots;
  • A handbook to promote sustainable urbanization and land use;
  • Recommendations for EU policies for promoting sustainable land use.