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Time period: 2012-2014
Financing: ESPON 2013 Programme

USESPON encourages and supports the use of work and findings from ESPON 2013 projects. Furthermore, it synthesises and capitalises upon the work done in five ESPON Priority 4 projects (Transnational Networking Activities). The project selected a set of methods already developed in ESPON 2013 projects that seem to have real potential value for use by stakeholders – mostly policy makers from local, regional and national levels and professionals working in the field of spatial planning. USESPON shows stakeholders how selected  methods (developed in other ESPON Projects) can be used and the kind of results they produce. To achieve this short guidance were prepared that can be used in transnational interactive workshops to lead participants through how the methods are used. These USESPON workshops help practitioners of spatial planning and territorial development to understand and use these methods and so become more able independently to use ESPON results.

Detailed information about the project you can find at USESPON website. You can also find there the Library with documents including examples of policy and research on territorial development from across Europe. They provide useful guidance, case studies and concepts for practitioners and policy-makers involved in the development of territorial policy and plans. The Library contains European and country publications, especially from 12 countries - partners of two ESPON projects: USESPON and ESPON-INTERSTRAT.