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MUS: Learning Ministries – a toolkit for diagnosing and supporting organizational learning in public administration

Time period: 2010-2014
Financing: Program Operacyjny Kapitał Ludzki
EUROREG research team: Karol Olejniczak (Leader), Janusz Hryniewicz, Adam Płoszaj, Jakub Rok, Paweł Śliwowski, Małgorzata Klenk, Bartosz Ledzion, Jowanka Jakubek-Lalik, Dawid Sześciło, Dominika Wojtowicz.

The principal objective of the project Learning Ministries is to strengthen the processes of modern knowledge management in departments of Polish ministries. We intend to support ministries and their employees in the process of the use of knowledge in their everyday work – both those of an operational nature and strategic activities. By doing this we would like to contribute to improving the level of effectiveness of the national administration. The project deals with knowledge management in institutions, which is the key question for the effectiveness and rationality of public policies. It is a pioneering empirical applied research method used in the Polish central administration. The assumed methodology of research and achieved return of the sample guarantees the credibility of diagnosis and outcomes. The scale of the project, interdisciplinary research team and foreign partners’ involvement provide an exceptional opportunity to carry out innovative actions as well as to identify the newest international solutions in the field of knowledge management. The scientific and pragmatic approach – encompassing testing and verifying instruments – provides assurance that the final set of instruments will optimally suit the needs and reality of the Polish central administration.

More information about the project can be found on the project's website: www.mus.edu.pl

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