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Business and cultural tourism in metropolitan areas


The event in the frame of Regional Studies Association Research Network on Tourism, Regional Development and Public Policy

Warsaw, Poland, 13-15 September 2009

Organised by Marek Kozak m.kozak@uw.edu.pl

Network aims: Tourist destinations across Europe are competing to attract the attention of potential customers through innovative products and branding that will make them stand out in the increasingly global competition. At the same time tourism is often cast in the role of being a major contributor to regional development, either because it is perceived to have unused potentials – or as a measure of last resort when other options in e.g. manufacturing or agriculture are perceived as being even less attractive. Under all circumstances the role of public sector bodies in bringing about change in a very fragmented sector is crucial, creating networks by bringing together different public and private actors and providing essential infrastructure ranging from roads to place brands.

The aim of the RSA research network is to examine tourism diversity from the perspective of regional development in order to identify current challenges and opportunities in a systematic manner, and hence provide the basis for a more well-informed integration of tourism in regional development strategies and move beyond political short-termism and buzzword fascination. The Warsaw seminar is the third of the planned (after Izmir and Aaalborg), and the long-term aim is to establish a permanent network for researchers interested in the interplay between tourism, regional development and public policy.

The event is open to researchers and practitioners, young and old, with an interest in tourism, regional development and public policy. The event will take place at the main campus of the University of Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmiescie 30, in the building of Old University Library (turned into lectures and conference centre) beginning with the participants registration and informal meeting in the afternoon Sunday 13 September, opening plenary in the morning Monday 14 September, and end at afternoon Tuesday 15 September. The event will combine keynote presentations, workshops and other interactive ways of working.

The research network is financially supported by the Regional Studies Association and organised by:
Nese Kumral, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey - nese.kumral@ege.edu.tr
Henrik Halkier, Aalborg University, Denmark - halkier@ihis.aau.dk
Marek Kozak, University of Warsaw, Poland - m. kozak@uw.edu.pl