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The Current Use of Big Data in Evaluation

Typ publikacji: rozdział w publikacji zwartej
Opis bibliograficzny: Steven Højlund, Karol Olejniczak, Gustav Jakob Petersson, and Jakub Rok (2017) The Current Use of Big Data in Evaluation, [in:] Breul, J. D., Petersson G. J. (eds.). Cyber Society, Big Data, and Evaluation: Comparative Policy Evaluation, Transaction Publishers.

Cyber Society, Big Data, and Evaluation shows ways big data is now being used in policy evaluation and discusses how it will transform the role of evaluators in the future. Arguing that big data will play a permanent and growing role in policy evaluation, especially since results may be delivered almost in real time, the contributors declare that the evaluation community must rise to the challenge or risk being marginalized.

This volume suggests that evaluators must redefine their tools in relation to big data, obtain competencies necessary to work with it, and collaborate with professionals already experienced in using big data. By adding evaluators’ expertise, for example, in theory- driven evaluation, using repositories, making value judgements, and applying findings, policy-makers and evaluators can come to make better-informed decisions and policies.