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ESPON 2.4.2: Integrated analysis of transnational and national territories

Okres realizacji: 2004-2006
Finansowanie: ESPON
Zespół badawczy EUROREG: Katarzyna Krok, Agnieszka Olechnicka

The first ESPON projects have presented their final reports presenting new insights on territorial development in Europe and the territorial effects of sector policies. Territorial disparities are often the reflection of strong inequalities in the endowment of these territories in terms of competitiveness factors and structural intervention. Sector policies and instruments can have a significant impact on these elements and act as a factor of re-equilibrium among territories.

The diversity of territorial opportunities and development potentials plays an equally important role in providing for a harmonious and balanced European territory. Different territorial contexts entail their specific weaknesses and opportunities, which need to be analysed in a systematic way using the ESPON "three scale approach" focusing at European scale (macro scale), a diversity of transnational spatial contexts (meso scale) and each national territory (micro scale).

This project provides an integrated and structured analysis of the results of the ongoing and finalised ESPON project results, "zooming" in on different territorial contexts and scales, in order to identify existing spatial patterns and territorial specificities and complementarities.

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