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Building capacity for evaluation use: The Knowledge Brokers Game

Typ publikacji: rozdział w publikacji zwartej
Opis bibliograficzny: Olejniczak Karol, Wojtowicz Dominika (2016) Building capacity for evaluation use: The Knowledge Brokers Game [in:] Nicola Francesco Dotti (ed.) Learning from Implementation and Evaluation of the EU Cohesion Policy. Lessons for a Research - Policy Dialogue, Brussels: Regional Studies Association, pp. 208-223.
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A clear gap exists between producing research results and using them to improve public policies. Studies point to "knowledge brokering" as an effective way of addressing this challenge. The chapter discusses the effective use of simulation gaming to teach knowledge brokering to public professionals. Trainings with 198 practitioners from EU, US, and Canada confirm that simulation helps understanding the role of research in Cohesion Policy, mastering six activities of knowledge brokering, and recognizing limitations of broker influence in policy decision-making. Institutions across Europe responsible for Cohesion Policy can use the Knowledge Brokers Game for training personnel and improving institutional capacity for evidence-based policy.