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National Human Development Report. Poland 2012. Regional and Local Development

Autorzy: Piotr Arak, Andrey Ivanov, Mihail Peleah, Adam Płoszaj, Kamil Rakocy, Jakub Rok, Kamil Wyszkowski
Typ publikacji: raport, ekspertyza lub working papers
Opis bibliograficzny: Arak Piotr, Ivanov Andrey, Peleah Mihail, Płoszaj Adam, Rakocy Kamil, Rok Jakub, Wyszkowski Kamil (2012) National Human Development Report. Poland 2012. Regional and Local Development. Warsaw: UNDP Project Office in Poland, pp. 188.
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The report proposes a “three-dimensional” LHDI, which reflects the philosophy of the global HDI. The LHDI differs from the HDI in the particular sub-indices used and in the different measurements available in public statistics or administrative sources. Authors propose also a group of additional context indicators which reflect other important dimensions of Human Development (HD) on the local Polish level. The methodology used captures regional disparities. The analysis shows that the territorial disaggregation of the HDI does not boil down to a simple recalculation of the same data at a lower territorial unit in order to receive a territorial unit ranking. Instead, the approach takes into consideration the human development trade-offs.