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Why does policy learning has limited impact on policy changes?

Autor: Marek Kozak
Typ publikacji: rozdział w publikacji zwartej
Opis bibliograficzny: Kozak Marek (2016) Why does policy learning has limited impact on policy changes? [in:] Nicola Francesco Dotti (ed.) Learning from Implementation and Evaluation of the EU Cohesion Policy. Lessons for a Research - Policy Dialogue, Brussels: Regional Studies Association, pp.139-152.
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Evaluation studies are important for the adequate allocation of public financial resources and for the checking of the adequacy of the needs of the EU Cohesion Policy as well as structure and structural policy of the EU and member states. The main hypothesis of this chapter is: the drivers of policy change are outside the evaluation and monitoring system. Methodology: the article is based on literature review and overview of documents and statistical data available in one of the MS and on the experience of the author as evaluator, author of numerous papers, empirical researcher.