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Local concentration of deprivation in Poland

Typ publikacji: raport, ekspertyza lub working papers
Opis bibliograficzny: Smętkowski Maciej, in cooperation with: Płoszaj Adam, Rok Jakub (2016) Local concentration of deprivation in Poland. EUROREG Reports and Analyses 8/2016, pp. 45.
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The aim of this publication is to develop the multidimensional index of deprivation of Polish gminas (communes), as well as to define the degree of concentration of deprivation on the poviat (county) and city level. The studies use conceptualisaton of the deprivation phenomenon and its operationalisation presented in the report entitled “Poviats threatened by deprivation: state, trends and prospects” (Smętkowski et al. 2015). Therefore, such issues as e.g. defining dimensions of deprivation and methods of its measurement, which were presented in detail in the abovementioned report, were omitted in this publication. It focuses on discussing the importance of spatial concentration of deprivation and on comparing different ways of its measurement. It should be noted that the degree of spatial concentration of deprivation determines numerous social and economic phenomena and it should be taken into account within the public authorities’ actions, including in the scope of health care policy.