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Regional Input-Output Studies: A Systematic Literature Review

Typ publikacji: raport, ekspertyza lub working papers
Opis bibliograficzny: Płoszaj Adam, Celińska-Janowicz Dorota, Rok Jakub, Zawalińska Katarzyna (2015) Regional Input-Output Studies: A Systematic Literature Review GTAP Resource #4777, Presented at the 18th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, Melbourne, Australia
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The purpose of the present paper is to provide a systematic insight into the state of the art in the regional (sub-national) input-output analyses. Large and growing body of scientific literature in the field is very diverse, fragmented and challenging to comprehend mostly because it is usually published as articles, not only in the field specific journals, but also sporadically in other journals. On the other hand sub-national (regional) level of the analysis is not very frequent, especially in certain parts of world like Eastern Europe. However, articles concerning this level are not easy to identify in a bunch of literature because the term ‘regional’ refers both to sub-national and continental (group of countries) spatial levels. Therefore, we would argue that there is a need for up-to-date and comprehensive meta-analysis of the work done so far in the area of regional (sub-national) input-output analyses, including identification of methods and techniques used the most and the least frequently, data sources and issues, types of articles (methodology oriented vs case studies), topics of analyses (environmental flows, economic flows, etc.), to name only a few. Based on systematic literature review the promising future research avenues can be identified in the work on regional (spatial) methods of modelling.