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Dr hab. Maciej Smętkowski, prof. UW

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: (+48) 22 826 16 54
Areas of Expertise: regional development, metropolsation, regional policy, evaluation.
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Academic Profile 

Ph.D. in earth sciences, specialty economic geography, associate professor at the Centre for European Regional and Local Studies (EUROREG); deputy director of Institute of Americas and Europe, University of Warsaw. He has participated in number of research projects on metropolisation processes, instruments of regional policy, trans-border co-operation and evaluation of pre-accession aids and structural funds of the UE.  He has strong experiences in evaluation of public policies including empirical analyses within ESPON Programme, UE Research Framework Programme and other Polish evaluations studies. He is a Chairman of the Board of the Polish Section of the Regional Studies Association. Published several articles as well as he is co-author of two books in English: “The European Metropolises and Their Regions: From Economic Landscapes to Metropolitan Networks” and “Cross-border Co-operation of Poland after Enlargement: Focus on Eastern Border”.

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3978-192X

Prezentujemy wybrany dorobek naukowy naszych pracowników, który powstał w ramach i w trakcie współpracy z wydziałem Euroreg.
Involvement in EUROREG's research projects