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Dr hab. Agnieszka Olechnicka

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: (+48) 22 826 16 54
Areas of Expertise: regional and local development, role of science sector in socio-economic development, spatial aspects of innovativeness and science and research activities, territorial and cross-border cooperation, information society, bibliometrics and scientometrics, development of less favored regions
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Agnieszka Olechnicka is assistant professor at the Centre for European Regional and Local Studies (EUROREG),  University of Warsaw. Director of the Centre for European Regional and Local Studies (EUROREG). Her professional experience regards research in the field of regional and local development with particular attention given to the knowledge economy issues and innovation-driven development problems. She took active part is several European projects (within EU Framework Programmes, ESPON and Interreg) and many national research and consultancy projects in this areas, also as coordinator. She conducted research in Great Britain, Ukraine and Canada. She has implemented projects commissioned by the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Science and High Education, the Polish Agency of Business Development (PARP) as well as regional and local bodies. Agnieszka Olechnicka is highly experienced in the analysis of the linkages between science and business using both quantitative (among them rarely used bibliometric data) and qualitative data. Recently she published the result of her habilitation project in the book “Science potential and innovativeness of regions” (2012, in Polish). She is co-editor of the Routledge publication “Universities, Cities and Regions. Loci for Knowledge and Innovation Creation” (2012, in English) embraces the finest papers of the international conference she organised in 2011 together with Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe UNICA.

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5525-636X

Prezentujemy wybrany dorobek naukowy naszych pracowników, który powstał w ramach i w trakcie współpracy z wydziałem Euroreg.
Involvement in EUROREG's research projects